Over the years, Erika has been appeared in numerous outlets from magazines to TV to radio and endless digital platforms.  You can check out some of the highlights below, but in the last few years she has really made a splash on SOCIAL MEDIA. 
She has a unique presence and style making #golfedutainment videos that have garnered attention near and far and allowed her to grow on Instagram to over 30k followers quickly and partner with many amazing brands along the way. 
Please check out and subscribe to her feeds on Instagram, FB and YouTube... you will be educated and entertained!
If you are interested in having Erika's help to audit and grow your social media and up your "content game", click here for information about SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOPS and PRIVATE CONSULTS.
For inquiries to collaborate with Erika please contact us!



Golf Pass Weekly Tips

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Golf Fanatics Weekly Tips

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Golf.com Video Series

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Callaway Golf Video Series

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