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Start your journey to more joyful golf.

Author, Erika Larkin PGA

  • Best Seller since 2017

  • Full Color, Easy to read

  • 5 Phases of a True Swing in detail

  • Over 40 Drills/ Faults & Fixes


Good News!


Your "True Swing" is already in you!  Erika Larkin, one of America's Top 50 Teachers will teach you how to use the simple laws of physics to create an efficient motion without tension, manipulation or mechanical thoughts. Bridging old school with new school ideas, Erika will show you how to let momentum do the work to gain effortless power and more consistency. 

 True Swing first feel!
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Joe Hallett, LPGA Tour Coach

"Erika Larkin brings the best of a new mind and and old school values to the golf swing and game - a perfect combination for you to play your best- open this book and don't put it down!" 

Michael Jacobs, Top 50 Coach

"The golf swing can be as complex as you make it. There is literally unlimited information about one of the most complicated motions in all of sports. That's why Erika's book is so important. She does a great job breaking down what can be an intimidating process into a series of simple and easy-to-follow steps, and she does it without compromising the swing's essential elements. A True Swing is a must-read for any golfer who wants to play better."

Ann Liguori, CBS Sports Radio 

"Finally, a brilliant instruction book that encourages golfers to work from our natural, free swing! Erika makes learning fun and comprehensible for all ability levels. Her bright, enthusiast insight is refreshing!"
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