Get Social Media Savvy! 


It's never too late to "get in the game!" I started coaching golf 20 years ago... but I didn't get into the social media world until 3 years ago.  I dove in head first and definitely made a splash growing to 10k followers on Instagram in 1 year organically and became monetized on YouTube in year 2!  My audience has doubled every year steadily and some of my content has had views in the millions. 


Expanding my digital footprint has paid massive dividends in attracting new students, growing my brand globally, getting my message out to help more golfers, building relationships with vendors, collaborating with peers in the industry and creating a platform to sell my book and other products! You can do the same!

If you're out there but don't know where to start, I got ya covered!....

1-on-1 Consulting

Erika will audit your current digital footprint, provide suggestions for growth and upgrades. We can do any training you need as it relates to using social platforms or how to edit your videos.

Online Workshop

I've created a 4 part online class for you to learn the basic skills, strategies and process to get started on your journey in social media!

Welcome to the beginning of your Social Media journey!  You may purchase a subscription for all 4 parts ($199) , or you may purchase each video individually based on your needs ($60-75 each). 

Erika Larkin's Social Media Workshop

Erika Larkin's Social Media Workshop