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What is FlowMotion Golf?

I discovered FlowMotion Golf in 2018 through this amazing place called the internet :)!  After connecting with the founder, Stephane Bachoz I knew there was amazing synergy between his golf concepts and mine (A True Swing). I was able to train, visit, co-coach students and share ideas with Stephane for a week in the Fall of 2019 and I am excited to announce that I am the first FlowMotion certified Coach in America!  

FlowMotion began with Stephane studying under Bill Owens (Triangulaid Method) in 1991. Many years later, Bill retired to pursue Golf Educatif Mission and encouraged Stephane to continue their coaching programs.  Stef expanded on the core principles and created FlowMotion Golf.  He has since certified dozens of coaches all over Europe, trained thousands of golfers from rank beginners to tour pros  (4 wins on the European Tour with Phil Golding)!

I am happy to be leading the charge in the U.S. to grow this type of coaching. My goal is to continue to collaborate with FlowMotion and other coaches out there who help golfers learn to "swing the weight of the club",  find their most natural swing and reach a new level of unconscious competence so they can become part of the community of HAPPY GOLFERS!!! 



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Interested to learn more?

If you're a golfer... check out Stef's Online Training Course. It is very thorough yet simple and takes you step by step through his time-tested program!  OR Check out my calendar of events to join an upcoming Golf School in person or book a private lesson anytime!

If you are a fellow Professional looking to improve your instructional programs, consider hosting a FlowMotion Camp or inquire about certification!

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