Rain or Shine Golf Simulators

Use this link to see the best in home practice equipment, sim-in-a-box bundles and more! Something for every budget.

Lag Shot Trainer

Use this link to get the best deal available on Lag Shot! A whippy /weighted training aid that you can actually hit balls with. Gives a great feel of a natural swing and better sequence!

Orange Whip 10% OFF

I HIGHLY recommend the original Orange Whip for many reasons- mobility, tempo, sequence, strength, but there is so much more! The LightSpeed for speed, the Power Peel and Online GFX Classes, and now the Power Foot Straps! Gotta check it out and save 10% just by using this link or enter LARKINGOLF at checkout.

Tour Striker Golf Products

The Smart Ball, PlaneMate, Tourstriker Iron, PlaneStation and much more, Martin Chuck has some great products. Use this link to shop!

ExPutt 15% off

Small practice pace at home or office? No problem, practice short, medium and long putts with break on this really cool putting simulator. All you need is a TV. Click on the image for the link to shop.

Golf Training 10% off

Soooo many essential training aids - just click on the link to get 10% off at checkout! 


Looking to install a putting green at your home or office? I did and I used Synlawn Chesapeake Bay. Mention my name to receive a discount on your quote! 

Golf Goddess Jewelry CODE

ERIKALARKINGOLF at checkout to get 15% off your purchase of Chelsea Charles jewelry. Golf inspired earrings, necklaces, and journal bracelets /stroke counters.

Flight Deck Putting Aid


Click through to the site then enter code ERIKA15 at checkout to get 15% off!  This is a 5 in one tool (double-sided!) that is small enough to fit in your bag. It is an impact trainer, eye mirror, aimer, start line  and path training aid.

Hurricane Jr. Golf Tour Partner

Junior Golf Students of Erika's get discounts, benefits and priority status when you join the Hurricane Jr Golf Tour! Please inquire

Flightscope 10% OFF CODE

SAVE approximately $50 on a MEVO. This little launch monitor is small (fits in the palm of your hand) but mighty at $499. Works indoors or out. It's big brother Mevo+ ($1999) is also available and even works as a simulator if you have an at home practice station! Click through to the site then enter code LARKIN10 at checkout to get 10% off any purchase!