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​Erika's 5 Tenets of a True Swing:

  • A true swinging motion cannot fail to produce perfect timing.  - Ernest Jones

  • Make a "swing" and the biomechanics take care of themselves.

  • You can only swing as well and as fast as you can balance.

  • Momentum over muscle for effortless power.

  • The dog wags the tail: the body swings the arms, the arms swing the club, the club hits the ball. 

Work with Erika this year!

There are lots of options on how you can connect with Erika for coaching.  Her teaching philosophy and approach are simple - surrender to the "swing" physically, mentally...and reap the benefits of consistency and effortless power! Please book a lesson, register for a class or reach out to discuss any custom coaching plans or group functions that you are considering, 

More about Erika's Teaching philosophy>>

Erika's Video Tips & Media >>

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