I was fortunate that early in my golf life a mentor of mine told me to read the book "Swing the Clubhead" by Ernest Jones (1937).  The essence of the book is simple- feel the weight of the club and trust in the swinging motion like that of a pendulum.  I always came back to this concept during my playing days and early teaching years. 




But, to be honest, I just felt like there had to be more to it... if I wanted to be the best teacher and player I could be, I needed a deeper understanding of technique, bio-mechanics, psychology, fitness and everything in between.  I read hundreds of golf books, went to many a seminar, learned from top teachers, watched many a video and bought the latest technology.  I felt empowered with knowledge and had the tools to confidently, accurately and quickly diagnose problems and prove it.  I became great at prescribing the best drills, practice strategies and exercises to create change in the student and get results.  Sounds great, right?  Yet I STILL felt like there was "something" missing.  So again I visited my library.




I rediscovered my old friend Ernest and few other favorites that had been collecting dust for 15 years on the shelf... this time I read them through the eyes of an older, wiser and experienced teacher.  I began to connect the dots and realized they all had underlying themes of feel, rhythm, trust, freedom and momentum.  Most, if not all of the authors seemed to take inspiration from and even reference Ernest Jones directly in their writings!





For me, the genius and weakness of Jones' message was its simplicity: "A true swinging motion cannot fail to produce perfect timing." I want you to re-read that 5 times. Believe me when I say that is the secret.  Make a "true swing" and the bio-mechanics take care of themselves. Make a

"true swing" and eliminate the hit instinct and the urge to manipulate and control the strike which is the root cause of inconsistency, mis-hits and tension.  Make a "true swing" and your idiosyncrasies and physical limitations will not matter- a swing works off momentum vs. muscle to generate consistency and power. 


So what the heck is a true swing and how do you get it? You, me and most people need directions, something to grab on to that is more tangible to help us feel what he is saying.  This is where I come in!  I have found a balanced approach that uses specific drills, some modern ideas and strategies to actually implement the message into your swing and your whole game.  I feel my teaching process is real, concrete and whole at last!  


I truly believe everyone can reach their potential as a golfer if they find their true swing and commit. It will free you up to play without fear, with confidence and with joy. Don't just play AT golf,  finally, really, PLAY golf.



Make a "swing", the bio-mechanics take care of themselves. 

A true swinging motion cannot fail to produce perfect timing.  - Ernest Jones

It's critical to feel and swing the weight of the club from start to finish.



Please get a club, hold it by the head, take your grip and stance and swing 10 times.  Hear the whoosh and feel the light speed of the grip end cutting through the air tracing a nice wide circle.  Flip the club over and you should instantly feel the weight of the clubhead- which is signficant.  Make some more swings keep your grip pressure medium and constant so you can maintain a sense of heaviness as the club moves around you. The awareness this exercise brings is the beginning to what can be a wonderful new-found relationship with the swing and golf.  Memorizing this feel and allowing it to happen in all circumstances within the game is a critical first step and epiphany for many.  Trusting this is easier and harder than it sounds, but accepting this challenge and working towards committing to the concept with every opportunity is the key to building your true swing.



  • Swing The Clubhead, Ernest Jones

  • Extraordinary Golf, Fred Shoemaker

  • Little Red Book, Harvey Penick

  • How to Feel a Golf Swing, Bob Toski & Davis Love Jr.

  • The Natural Golf Swing, George Knudson

  • Tempo, Al Geiberger

  • Tension Free Golf, Dean Reimuth

  • Understanding the Golf Swing, Manuel de la Torre


           & many, many more.......:)