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Are you ready to see your swing like never before?

The future is here!  I am thrilled to introduce you to Sportsbox 3DGolf: a real game-changer in golf instruction that will really change your game! 


So what is it?   


Sportsbox is a new 3D motion capture system that is wireless, markerless and in the palm of your hand on your smart phone! Simply take 1 face-on high speed video and upload it to the mobile App.  In seconds your 2D video will be converted into a 3D avatar with dozens of trackers measuring your every move. Mind blowing, right?

Want to get "Sportsboxed?"

Of course you do!  Here are three options:


1. One-time swing analysis: Send me your swing video* and I will email you a full annotated video (like example above) and create a practice prescription with specific drills.  $99 Purchase

2. Commit to a Coaching Plan: 2 Lessons per month and Full Student 3D Practice Membership.  Each lesson includes an annotated video/notes in the student message center, suggested practice ideas and a customized "watch list" (as featured in video above) for you to use in the 3D practice mode between lessons.  Once you sign up more details will follow for on-boarding, student questionnaire.

5 Month Plan $899 ($1,100 value) Purchase

3 Month Plan $569 ($650 value) Purchase

3. Try it on your own: Sign up for a Sportsbox membership here (save 15% with this link).  You can upload swings. There are 3D practice features and lots of helpful in-app content and practice guides (even a few by yours truly!). If you decide you need professional help (hint hint) you can always reach out anytime to upgrade and setup option #1 or #2 :) Sign up


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