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Remote Coaching with Erika

Work with Erika from anywhere in the world! Sign up for a swing analysis or schedule a Live Call! Details below!

Video/3D Swing Analysis :


The future in remote coaching is here! Sportsbox is a new 3D motion capture system that is wireless, markerless and in the palm of your hand on your smart phone! In seconds your 2D video will be converted into a 3D avatar with dozens of trackers measuring your every move. This will help Erika analyze your swing more accurately and provide feedback to improve!


So, do you want to get "Sportsboxed?"

Step 1.  Purchase a lesson ($99)

Step 2.  Receive an invite to Sportsbox and download the app/login

Step 3. Upload your swing video

Step 4. Receive your annotated analysis (like example above) and custom practice prescription video with specific drills.


(Turn around time is within 2 days after video submission)




Zoom Live Lesson:

30 min with Erika on video chat!  She can watch you practice live or send in a video in advance and she will chat with you about your swing , provide fixes and feedback and answer any questions you have.


Step 1.  Purchase lesson. ($125)   
Step 2. Receive an email back that day with a link to book your lesson time.

Step 3. Plan a location for your lesson (wi-fi and earbuds and a tripod at waist height recommended)  

Step 4. Please email a Face-on and Down-line pre-recorded videos to Erika via email in advance of your call. (Not required but helpful)

Step 4. Receive a Zoom invite and login at the scheduled time.

Video Course Modules (Self-Guided):


"Short Game Masterclass" and more on LarkinGolfflix

"True Swing Sequence" Course on

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