Are you ready to see your swing like never before?

The future is here!  I am thrilled to introduce you to Sportsbox 3DGolf: a real game-changer in golf instruction that will really change your game! 


So what is it?   


Sportsbox is a new 3D motion capture system that is wireless, markerless and in the palm of your hand on your smart phone! Simply take 1 face-on high speed video and upload it to the mobile App.  In seconds your 2D video will be converted into a 3D avatar with dozens of trackers measuring your every move. Mind blowing, right?

Want to get "Sportsboxed?"

Of course you do!  Here are three options:


1. One-time swing analysis: Send me your swing video* and I will email you a full annotated video (like example above) and create a practice prescription with specific drills.  $99 Purchase

2. Commit to a Coaching Plan: 2 Lessons per month for 5 months and Full Student 3D Practice Membership.  Each lesson includes an annotated video/notes in the student message center, suggested practice ideas and a customized "watch list" (as featured in video above) for you to use in the 3D practice mode between lessons.  Once you sign up more details will follow for on-boarding, student questionnaire. $899 ($1,100 value) Purchase

3. Try it on your own: Sign up for a Sportsbox membership here (save 15% with this link).  You can upload swings. There are 3D practice features and lots of helpful in-app content. If you decide you need professional help (hint hint) you can always reach out anytime to upgrade and setup option #1 or #2 :) Sign up


* Click Here for the do's and don't's of capturing an acceptable swing video.

  1. Both portrait and landscape orientations are fine.

  2. Place camera no more than 12 feet away from the golfer’s toe line with standard zoom, 7ft with 0.5x zoom.

  3. If you have a tripod, make sure it’s no higher than three feet.

  4. If you don't have a tripod make sure the cameraman is VERY steady as they film.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 7.47.00 AM.png