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Rain or Shine! We're Open!

I am excited to introduce The Stable at Creighton Farms!  Our state of the art learning center is finally ready! 

"The Stable" at Creighton Farms
Erika Larkin

"The Stable" at Creighton Farms

Here is some more information about our Learning Center:


We have 2 large bays fully equipped with Trackman Golf.  Trackman is a ball-tracking/video analysis and simulation software is installed. It is really fantastic offering many analytical and gaming features and hundreds of famous courses from around the world!  In our heated bays, we will have two modes (It’s very comfortable, productive, and fun either way):

  1. open the bay doors and hit out into the range (under heaters) to see real ball flight as we collect data.

  2. doors closed and hit into a projector impact screen (temperature-controlled space)/ great for practice but ideal for course simulator and gaming mode.


We have one smaller practice/warm-up bay that is heated and can be used to hit out to the range only (no indoor mode, no technology).

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