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Chasing Scratch Retreat

March 8-10, 2024 at Kierland Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

Join three of the countries top coaches for an epic "Tour-like" experience to help you on the road to scratch.  Fine tune your swing with 3D and radar, enhance your practice strategies, dial in your equipment, upgrade your short game skills and learn how better to prepare and perform under pressure. 


We will touch on fitness, nutrition, mindset and course management with tour level insights and personalized advice that is sure to elevate your game.


This is a holistic approach to the game geared for avid golfers committed to improving and competing.  (12 handicap and under)  

Meet The Coaches & Special Guests

Schedule of Events

March 8th

12-6pm Arrival & transport & check-in for resort guests

6pm-8pm Group Cocktail hour/ Welcome dinner and informal panel discussion at the Westin


March 9th

8am Welcome Introductions, Group Stretching

8:30am Begin rotations (90 min each) 3 Groups of 4 golfers


  • Parker : Short game coaching from the best in the business! Reviewing the ingredients to common shots around the green  Tackling different lies and scenarios and trajectories is easy when you have the right recipe for the shot. 

  • Jin:  No-tech practicing habits vs healthy tech use to elevate your training. (Trackman combine)

  • Erika Full swing SWOT analysis w SportsBox 3D / Annotations will be sent (complimentary practice membership)


Noon Lunch & learn with tour player (TBD) / q&a 


1-2:30pm Final rotation 


2:30-4pm Whole group : Putting like the pros - AimPoint training , practice habits/tour drills, routine, visualization  etc.


4-5pm Whole Group: Short game up and down contest / match play

Happy Hour drink station/experience  (how to make a perfect old fashioned etc?)  


March 10th

8 am Intro 

Stretching/ Balance training with SlackBlock 

Neuro peak Pro Breathing training  


9am-12:30pm Rotations 90 min each  (2 groups of 6)


  • Jin & Parker : 

    • Embracing statistics to focus your improvement , honing in your pre-shot routine and finding the right mindset so you can play like you practice. 

    • Parker wedge fittings / instruction/ practice drills 

  • Erika:  

    • Optimizing your Driver - continued swing analysis / drills / training for speed 

    • Club fitting w TruSpec? - or tour player visit for speed ?!


12:30 Lunch & learn - q& a w coaches or other special guest


1:30pm How to warmup to play ( vs practice) 


2:30 9 hole playing lesson - focus is alignment / course management , visualization etc. 


5pm Cocktails & goodbye 

Tuition Details


$9,499 golf school + 2 nights accommodations at Kierland Westin, transport to/from airport as needed. 

$8,499 golf school (commuter) 


All participants receive : 

  • Welcome dinner

  • Lunch each day

  • 2 days of world class instruction

  • 9 hole playing lesson

  • 3 custom fit Vokey wedges

  • TruSpec Driver Fitting/ Tuning (discount/credit toward purchase)

  •  SWAG bag ($500 value). 

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