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Percy Says Go Blind

Close your eyes and take a practice swing. You won’t believe what you can learn. Percy Boomer a late but great teacher said in his 1946 book: "when I play with my eyes shut , my senses are wide open."

This kind of practicce will test your balance, timing and coordination. If you are truly paying attention this kind of practice can tell you everything you need to know about what's going on in your swing and how to improve. Things to "look" for , well, I guess "feel" for since you're eys are closed:)

Do you feel like you are in control?

Is your swing plane flat steep or neutral?

Can you visualize the shape of your swing- loopy? which way?

Are you gripping tight, medium or loose? does it feel good or can you find a pressure that feels better?

Did you stay flat footed or pivot to your lead foot? all the way?

What was your tempo like? Count it out and see if it matches your intention on what a smooth swing should be like.

Is your swing comfortable?

Percy also said, "the good golfer, I am convinced feels where the ball is more than sees it." So go ahead and add a ball to your practice keeping your eyes closed.

What was different? Was it scary? Did you surpprise yourself. Did you have to focus your thoughts differently or use a new part of your consiousness?

Creating awareness= learning and discovery. Building awareness= building instincts. Good instincts = consistency and confidence! If you can feel what is going on- its much easier to make a change. Some people tel me they can't feel. It just might be harder for some but stay patient for 20-30 swings and dig deep. I know you will get some answers and clues that will help you work towards and more efficient, fluid and consistent swing.


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