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Use The Force

Start Wars "The Force Awakens" just came out on DVD- so I was clearly inspired for this week's post...:)

There are lots of forces that work in the golf swing- vertical, rotational, coupling, centripetal ground reaction and different torques. I don't claim to be an expert in all of these but what I do know is what they feel like and what works for my students on a simple level. Many times people sabotage their own swing because they fight "the force".

There are two key moments during our swing where we want to let "the force" work its magic...

  1. THE TRANSTION : We windup our body on the back swing and then begin the down swing by unwinding using a weight shift and then pivot to the target. The arms and club will follow body motion without being yanked into motion. During this transition, we are changing direction and so is momentum. Interfering with that by adding tension in any way compromises good timing and natural speed. Don't fight it, don't rush it, don't help it!

  2. THE RELEASE: When we have successfully and smoothly changed direction and are in our downswing approach to the ball, the momentum of our turn catapults the arms and weight of the club outward and downward if our wrists are relaxed. At this point we should reach full extension of our arms and wrist helping the club square up and bottom out. Everything "releases" through impact. The feeling of that outward pull is SO important and we have to let it happen to have the best chance for a consistent, powerful strike. Don't fight it, don't rush it, don't help it!

IF you TRUST the forces created by your turning body and swinging arms you can reap the benefits of power and accuracy... and it will feel effortless! May the force be with you!

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