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Declutter your Golf Swing!

Tiny House show on HGTV is a phenomenon! ... Whenever I watch an episode, I become so inspired to go around my house and purge and organize. I even happened to catch a documentary on Netflix called "The Minimalists" about decluttering your life and living with less. Some people take it to an extreme; it might be hard to live out of a duffle bag. It might be challenging to live in only 300 square feet especially with golf gear and 2 children, but I still like the notion of simple living.

I got to thinking, maybe my affinity and fascination with this idea is what brought me to A True Swing and my teaching philosophy! Really, A True Swing is about generating effortless power. Doing more with less. If we can simplify our swing to the core movements that make it "tick" we can be more consistent and see better results. We can minimize moving parts and automate the parts that are moving to help reduce the clutter in our swing and room for error!

I suggest for your golf swing, only do as much as you have to. Let the arms and wrists respond to your body turn. Let the release be an effect of the downswing body pivot not a contrived or forced action in the swing. Don't hinge your wrists sooner or more than you have to at any given point. Just do what is simple, natural and the bare minimum instead of inputting extra muscle and power or movements that are unnecessary.

So, keep working on developing and grooving your True Swing. My version of a minimalist golf swing! You will feel freer. With less material possessions, true minimalists say they can enjoy life more. With less extraneous movement and tension in your swing, my hope is that you can enjoy golf more!

Happy Swinging!

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